Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Zombie Apocalypse of 2015


Zombies are all around us. They go to work for the Government or some other huge corporation and they pay their taxes and mostly obey the laws. And there are judges and juries for the zombies who don't - and those direct "traffic" to jail cells, so the zombies are quite domesticated in that "stream of consciousness."


Some zombies run the country. They are called congress people and they don't even read the bills they sign into law. They just get their money and go play a game where you hit a tiny ball with a long thin rod and then go find it and do it again, over and over.


There are zombies who have learned how to drive cars and swipe on smart phones. They carry their cell phones in their ears all day, or even wear blue tooth earpieces in order to look sophisticated, so they can keep receiving their food money and vacation money.


Some zombies are on lots of prescription medications, genetically modified food, meat, milk and gluten bread. They drink fluoridated water and can barely think straight. They get vaccinated regularly, including flu shots! They are "the herd" of immune-weakened animals that are always getting sick and visiting MDs and hospitals for "treatments."


As soon as the politicians plan the next disaster and play it out on TV, Americans will be dragged by their heels into "tragedy" and living in a fear based world. Whether it's an Ebola outbreak, Swine flu, avian flu, contagious cancer, nuclear reactor meltdowns across the US when the power grid fails - the cost of surviving will skyrocket, and the zombies will come out to "rob you" - they will panic in the streets. When the working masses who live their lives watching CNN and microwaving their dinners will go into complete state of shock, watching as much Whitehouse coverage of the big lie as they can, soaking in the mentality, and becoming violent zombies themselves.


The zombies getting chicken sandwiches at the drive through will start crashing the store for free food.



The zombies will empty the Kmart and Walmart food shelves by acts of violence and theft when SNAP food card system doesn't work ONE DAY!


Read this!


Did you see the fake zombie scene they planned at the Boston Bombing just to breed panic and believability?


Watch this:


We have zombie police and paramedics that continuously walk in circles with no purpose, no cell phones, and no bodies to help during mass emergencies that are projected on national television ...


Watch this:


Do you wander in circles like a zombie when something terrible happens? Do you watch CNN to see how they will cover the script of zombies walking in circles or faking being hurt?


Why would Anderson Cooper fake going to a funeral for victims of Sandy Hook when he was in an Atlanta Studio? What's the motive of CNN?


Watch this as his nose disappears on the blue screen!


Are you a trained zombie? What do your taxes pay for? New roads, bridges and schools - or fake war and fake threats?



Humans are eating organic food and thinking organic thoughts.


You can be that.


Wake up!!!!!



Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cancer survivors still smoke - except for the ones who find 14AndOut Natural Method!

A new study has found that nearly 10 percent of U.S. cancer survivors are still smoking up to 15 cigarettes every day. Are they insane? Do they know what the cigarettes are doing to their life, or do they not really have the right "choices" needed to quit? -- That is the question. They must be counseled, because the scary CDC commercials don't do a thing to help people quit the third most addictive drug in the world, and the medications can cause horrific nightmares and suicidal tendencies, and who needs that coupled with their chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and bad advice?

Hospitals in America are full of MDs and oncologists with ZERO advice in the nutritional "realm" and only offer chemical medications and surgery options for folks being attacked by cancer of the kidneys and liver, organs which you won't survive in this world without. Then there are the woman's ovaries to worry about, another region of the body that cancer likes to attack. Cancer is a blood disease that finds root in a damaged body that's depleted of oxygen and nutrients. Plus, smoking reduces the effectiveness of cancer treatment and increases the "probability of cancer relapse," according to the research of the new study. This is the first LONG-TERM study done on cancer survivors, and it obtained data from nearly 3,000 patients nine years after their diagnoses. They were all part of the American Cancer Society's Study of Cancer Survivors-I.

Younger people, less-educated people, and alcoholics were all more likely to continue to smoke after learning that they were battling cancer.

Some doctors are either so naive or just plain insidious that they won't even blame the cigarettes and the 7,000 chemicals, like bleach, ammonia and pesticide that are being burned up and inhaled with every "cancer stick." It's almost unbelievable -- the cancer-fostering industry of Western quack medicine. The lead author of the study, Lee Westmaas, PhD, was quoted as saying that "We need to do more to intervene with these patients." So what is being done now?

Nearly half of the participants (46 percent) said they WANT to quit, and the rest either weren't planning on quitting or said they weren't sure what would happen. Maybe we could teach them all behavior modification and a flash course in superfoods!

The study was published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention and tells us that at least 10 percent of cancer survivors are still puffing on the "Man's" cancer sticks (called cigarettes) NINE years later. Also, results of the study show that survivors of bladder cancer topped the charts for still smoking -- at 17 percent. I guess nobody told them that smoking ammonia and bleach and then urinating the chemicals out daily for years causes bladder cancer. Plus, smoking causes new mutations in the form of primary cancers. This all comes from a comprehensive cross-sectional analysis of registry data for 2,938 cancer survivors.

Get Free from the "Chains" of Smoking - Choose a Natural Method to Escape!

If you smoke now, still, you don't have to "go out like that." If you tried to quit before and failed miserably, you don't have to quit "trying" to quit. The problem before was that the chemicals overwhelmed your body and you didn't replace and replenish your system's nutrient base in time to avoid relapse. Don't let stress, anxiety or depression get the best of you. The organic way to stop smoking is to end your chemical intake altogether, including the air coming into your lungs, the food and drinks going to your gut, and the personal care products being put on your skin. Let's address everything and live past 100 years, happy and healthy. Here's the trailer for the natural method with high success rates for quitting cigarettes in 14 days or less. Learn from an expert how to quit before your body "quits you."

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