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GMOs, forced vaccination and global warming – three population reduction schemes being pushed on the masses for "health" reasons


The slogans for depopulation agendas are always the complete opposite of their true intentions. Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are how we will "save the world" from starvation, drought, blight, and pests. Vaccines are "safe" and "effective" and are most useful when administered to the entire "herd." Global warming is all our fault–the humans–who have polluted the earth so bad we destroyed the ozone layer, trapped all the dangerous gasses, and "raised the overall temperature" of the entire planet, all inside of 100 years.


When in fact, what "we've done" (we being the corporations that create chemicals for agriculture, food, medicine and personal care products) is "we've" poisoned conventional food with bug killer and weed killer–from the inside out, and from the outside in. We've bred dangerous foreign bacteria into the seeds of our crops and their DNA is corrupted with pesticide-making genes, the same genes that mix with human DNA and corrupt and dismantle entire systems, including digestion, cell reproduction and immunity. The corporate slogans are the opposite of what they do. Vaccinations claimed to virtually end infectious disease epidemics and pandemics, all during a time when all of those diseases were all but eliminated by modern plumbing and hygiene in medical establishments. Just check the real graphs and statistics that haven't been modified by the corporations that push toxins. Plus, during the first few weeks after receiving a vaccine, the vaccinated person is contagious–able to spread or "shed" the very virus they were inoculated against, supposedly. And global warming is a very fervently defended science that is pushed onto the masses like some new world religion, even though die hard statistics show Earth is in the beginning of a long-term cooling trend.


Global warming is proposed and shoved down our throats so the masses in general will go along with the concept that population reduction is a good thing, and that Bill Gates and Merck are only making vaccines to prevent the spread of infectious diseases because they care SO much about America and all those starving, sickened, third world countries that we also feed GMO. Let's take a close, inside look at the REAL research and statistics and END the worst MYTHS and insidious agendas of biotech (chem-ag), big pharma, the vaccine industry, and the globalists.


Genetically modified organisms or genetically mutated animals that eat them?   


The companies that manufacture and breed GMOs in laboratories pay millions of dollars to keep GMOs from being labeled. If GMOs can save a starving world, prevent drought, and maintain nutrition, why wouldn't those companies and corporations WANT a GMO label on everything that contains GMOs? Because eating pesticides leads to cancer and dementia. Because carcinogenic pesticides remain in the soil and kill nutrition for years and years and years. GM soy and GM corn have both been implicated in causing horrific cancer tumors in animals. What more proof do you need than this? GM pesticides and toxic herbicides cause chronic kidney and liver damage.




Influenza vaccines or toxic vaccines?


The warning PRINTED on flu shot insert says vaccines have NOT been tested for safety or efficacy. Mandatory mass-vaccination for sterilization is underway in the state of California, where the government says all children must be vaccinated with all CDC recommended vaccines or else NOT attend public or private school. This includes the MMR vaccine and highly controversial HPV. In actuality, the flu shot only helps 1.5 people out of 100. That's a very sad statistic for something termed "medicine." In fact, regarding the spreading of viruses and infectious disease, it was thought for years, and still is by many today, that Dr. Jonas Salk, the “God” of cult pharmacology, invented the polio vaccine, but in actuality, he really did nothing more than conduct illegal medical experiments on mental patients, and now his whole history has come into question regarding bioethics in general. In fact, Dr. Salk had nothing to do with the decline in mortality from infectious diseases whatsoever, including polio. Truthwiki has the whole story. So does VAXXED ­– the most dangerous medical documentary ever released.


Global Warming or Global Cooling?


Global warming is a depopulation scheme meant to convince the masses we need less people on Earth to survive. The Globalists, the Elitists, and Hitler - all have one thing in common for sure ... they want (or wanted) to get rid of everyone who is not either one of them or a slave to them. Here's the US Average Temperature Measured and Reported for the last century, 1915 to 2015. The average temperature in the US actually DECREASED from 53.3 to 53.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Still, all the climate change alarmists want to enslave humanity and kill the rest of us, but always for the "greater good." Sure, we all need to reduce pollution and our carbon footprint, and we all need to try to eliminate toxic pesticides from agriculture, and we all need to stop injecting mercury, formaldehyde, MSG and aluminum into our muscle tissue in the name of disease control, but let's not get crazy and perpetuate propaganda created by Hitler and his mad scientists 75 years ago.

















Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The BEST book on Cancer Prevention on Amazon today!

In the United States, cancer statistically now strikes half of all men, and a third of all women. Those tough odds are compounded by the odds of surviving that cancer. Why is this happening, and what factors can improve our chances?

The rise of diseases now typical of Western society has coincided oddly enough with the industrialization of the modern diet - food allergies, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, GERD, peptic ulcers, Crohn's disease, celiac disease, diabetes, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome... and ultimately cancer. How does our food supply contribute to this common thread of illness, debilitation and early death?

The answer is staring us in the face - chemicals!

Sean David Cohen's top cancer prevention book Don't Eat Cancer is available NOW:Read more:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which most Americans believe is in place to protect our food and guard our health, has instead allowed more than 70,000 chemicals to infiltrate our food supply. Many of these dangerous ingredients are outright toxins, and until we stop eating them, we are poisoning ourselves, undermining our health and allowing cancer to enter our bodies.

Author Sean David Cohen cuts through the myriad symptoms and the labyrinth of technical information in the medical and academic literature to give readers an easily digestible guide to the harmful additives lurking in our food - so you can stop eating them!

In simple language and colorful illustrations, Don't Eat Cancer provides prudent advice that you can put to use immediately to identify toxic ingredients hiding in processed foods, beverages, gums, candy and even cosmetics and cigarettes that are weakening your body and inviting in cancer every time they are consumed.

Learn how to read labels, and then clean out your pantry and clean up your life so you can avoid adulterated additives and stop eating cancer - that is, stop putting harmful foods into your body that are only contributing to illness and early death.

Instead, you could teach yourself to steer clear of the most dangerous ingredients and start living a revitalized life with a rich, toxin-free diet! Protect yourself, improve your health and boost your energy, armed with straightforward information about "what cancer is, where it comes from, and how to impede its development."

The importance of this information is all about the health and wellness of the end user, so it is designed as the ultimate layman's guide - with very user-friendly language that clues you in on the most important FDA-approved poisons you and your family have likely never even heard of.

Stop guessing how to "eat healthy" and start avoiding the chemicals that are known to disrupt normal cell behavior and ultimately bring down your immune system. Whether you know it or not, eating "just a little bit" of these ingredients every day is accumulating a toxic result.

Don't Eat Cancer will teach you how not to be a victim in the kitchen, the grocery store, restaurants and more.

Sean David Cohen's top cancer prevention book Don't Eat Cancer is available NOW:Read more:

According to author Sean David Cohen, it is time to change the way that we look at cancer, as well as how to cure it: "View it as a disciplined, active prevention plan, and the cure will follow. Even if you already have cancer, if you stop pouring in the poisons, your own good cells will have a much better chance of fighting and surviving the bad ones. It's common sense."

"There are enough chemicals in common products to easily end your life in the next 10 to 20 years," Cohen writes. So there is no time to waste in getting up to speed in how to protect your body from the daily chemical invasion, and stopping eating cancer already.

Sean David Cohen's top cancer prevention book Don't Eat Cancer is available NOW:

Read more:

"One thing is for sure, once you read this book, you will change your grocery buying habits, and clean out your pantry. This book is proof that people are eating and drinking all kinds of stuff that causes cancer and they don't even realize it. I really do recommend this exceptional research and it's really easy to read." - Anne K.

"I've read at least ten books about cancer and disease, and this is by far the most informative and direct." - A. Evans

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Top 7 diseases, disorders, and syndromes brought on and EXACERBATED by GMOs, antibiotics, and a slew of toxic vaccinations

The majority of diseases and disorders that exist in the world today are either of the contagious, infectious kind or the type that are brought on by consuming carcinogens and neurotoxins. Regarding the latter and the term "consuming," we are describing anything toxic in food, beverages, vaccines, or personal care products that find their way into the bloodstream, and thus affect the heart, brain, organs, cells, and central nervous system.

It is also very important to note that infectious diseases are often prevented from being spread and/or beaten down by a normal, functioning immune system, and again, a system that is not heavily burdened by noxious chemicals that are "consumed." Moreover, most humans are NOT born with autism, or cancer, or irritable bowels, or central nervous system (CNS) disorders, or malfunctioning cleansing organs. Yet many MDs label health problems as "genetic" (which they are), even though they are NOT inherited. There is a difference.

It has been proven time and time again that the majority of today's diseases and disorders are not only preventable, but curable with a plant-based diet and by filtering common chemicals from our daily intake.

So, then, where do we start? Good question. The onslaught of toxins in American food is relentless. It includes very dangerous chemical-based pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, algaecides, and even fertilizers that make the food toxic, from beginning to end–meaning from seed, stem, and leaf to fruit and vegetable, and finally onto the breakfast, lunch and dinner tables. Even most baby food and infant formula sold in America is toxic. Remember, nothing kills good gut bacteria and natural immunity faster than consuming chemical-based pesticides and herbicides, including glyphosate.

Then there's the water. More than 80% of all municipal taps in America are infested with sodium fluoride, another noxious chemical derived as a by-product of China's immense chemical industrial complex and exported to America for dripping into the taps, all while being touted as "good for your teeth" – an insidious LIE purported by propaganda ever since WWII.

Speaking of the second world war, that's when American medicine took a sharp turn for the worse. Nazi scientists were hired to manufacture chemicals to be used as food additives (that cause allergies), food preservatives (that warp and kill brain cells), pharmaceuticals (that don't help anything), vaccine adjuvants (carriers and preservatives that destroy immunity and disrupt the CNS), and chemotherapy (that makes cancer tumors recede, only to come back with a vengeance).

Lastly, there's the most popular prescription of all times, that MDs dish out like candy at the front doors on Halloween–and that's antibiotics. Not only are antibiotics killers of good bacteria and immunity in general, but they are prescribed across the board for viral infections that have symptoms of bacterial infections, because at first, most doctors can't even tell the difference. Plus, as you probably do NOT know, there are antibiotics in many vaccines. Oh yes, there are! They're used during production to prevent the growth of bacteria during storage of the vaccine. Oops.

So, the first and last line of defense against all of this mayhem is to STOP consuming chemicals. This requires a strict regimen of organic (or clean locally grown) food, filtered water (or natural spring water), and clean, natural medicine (never cooked up or altered in a laboratory).

Dissipate, dissolve, and disappear your health problems by ending chemical consumption

Remember, the majority of diseases, disorders, and syndromes popular today in America are all brought on and EXACERBATED by GMOs, antibiotics, and a slew of toxic vaccinations. Here are the top 7 aggravators and instigators of health problems for the masses:

#1. Asperger's Syndrome: Biomarkers of abnormal immune function are associated with behavior impairments–core features of Asperger syndrome, a disorder considered on the "high functioning" end of the autism spectrum, but still exhibiting restricted range of interests and usually repetitive behaviors. Flu shots are a major cause of Asperger's due to the high mercury content (50,000 parts per million).

#2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Stems mainly from the destruction of good gut bacteria and annihilation of enzymes by pesticides and vaccines.

#3. Autism Spectrum Disorder: Science and gene replacement studies in mice point right at synaptic dysfunction as a cause of autism spectrum disorder, specifically synaptic pathways–those associated with cell adhesion. There is strong evidence ASD arises early in development, but AFTER birth, hence the name autism spectrum "development" disorder. Many parents first become aware of autistic symptoms immediately following routine combination vaccinations with flu shots.

#4. Cancer: hardly any forms of cancer are contagious or inherited. Most cancer forms after birth and those cells multiply when fed chemicals. Period. Stop consuming chemicals and the cancer cells are destroyed by healthy cells. Look into natural remedies like turmeric, cannabis, garlic, aloe, and hemp seed oil.

#5. Auto-immune Disorder: vaccines are injected into muscle tissue, conjuring unnatural, hyper-immune responses in babies which leads directly to the immune system attacking itself.

#6. Anxiety, Depression, and Central Nervous System Disorders: Continuous chemical consumption can contribute to or worsen these conditions.

#7. Alzheimer's, Strokes, and Dementia: the three major causes of dementia and strokes are coagulating saturated fat in the blood, aluminum in the blood, and lack of oxygen to the brain. Aluminum is commonly found in antacids, vaccines and flu shots.

To suffer most chronic health problems, you not only have to consume chemicals, but you have to continually consume chemicals. There's a cumulative effect that no MDs or oncologists EVER talk about, and that's how they stay in business and make so much damn money. End the onslaught of chemical consumption and watch your health issues dissipate, dissolve, and disappear. Remember, the top 7 diseases, disorders, and syndromes are all brought on and EXACERBATED by GMOs, antibiotics, and a slew of toxic vaccinations, including flu shots. Get smart. Eat clean and research natural medicine. The rewards are endless!

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Prevent nearly every disease and disorder known to mankind with these top 10 inexpensive food items!


Nothing's more true than the old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Not only does that ounce of prevention save you the nightmare of being sick, of probably missing work, and most likely accumulating medical bills, but that same "ounce" of prevention may only literally weigh an ounce and cost less than fifteen bucks. In America, people have been brainwashed by the medical industrial complex that food can't prevent or cure anything, but just the opposite is true. In fact, there's a natural cure for every health ill under the sun, and the secret "recipe" involves taking a couple five dollar bills out of your purse or wallet, buying the item(s), opening the package, and putting the remedies in your mouth. It's a super simple process that seems too easy, and that's exactly why so many people fail to have the faith required to actually walk the walk, so they won't have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars at doctor's offices and hospitals–those dreadful places where health matters often get much, much worse.

The best advice in the world is free, so get ready to get smart and STAY healthy.
Here are the top 10 most inexpensive food (and supplement) items that can PREVENT and usually heal nearly every disease and disorder known to mankind:

#1. Oil of oregano (most popular in capsules or tincture form): nature's most reliable antibiotic (also anti-fungal and antibacterial) kills pollen allergies fast, helps with sinus problems, respiratory infections, and can defend against those "throwing up" viruses kids bring home from school. How? One of the active agents in oregano, rosmarinic acid, is a powerful antioxidant that supports immune power. One supplement helping of oil of oregano is as powerful as eating thirty apples! Oregano oil also has anti-inflammatory properties because it contains bea-caryophyllin (E-BCP), which can be beneficial for people suffering from osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, and metabolic syndrome. So much for those expensive prescriptions! Ask your Naturopath.


#2. Licorice root (often sold in supplement capsule form): this natural remedy has a wonderful laundry list of benefits, and may be the highest overlooked of all of the natural remedies. Got asthma, canker sores, coughs, or emphysema? Check out licorice root. Got heartburn, fungal infections or liver troubles? What about sore throat, arthritis, or yeast infections? The glycyrrhizic acid in licorice root even helps with nervousness, anxiety and depression by encouraging proper function of adrenal glands. You will be amazed at the quick results.


#3. Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil: the oil from the seeds is amazing at promoting heart health and preventing heart disease and strokes, thanks to its three-to-one ration of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids. It also nourishes hair, skin, and nails. It can be used topically or mixed in your smoothies. It's got a nutty flavor that's rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which is amazing for cognitive function and eye health. Talk about Alzheimer's prevention! Plus, hemp seed oil is mercury free, unlike many fish oils. Another immune system booster, this oil functions like probiotics, helping you development healthy flora in the intestines.


#4. Coconut oil: ever heard of oil pulling? Dentists won't mention it, unless they're holistic, because you won't be suffering any more cavities. Just swish a tablespoon worth around in your mouth for ten minutes after brushing and flossing and wave bye-bye to those cavities. Amazing for brain health and skin health, and even great for cooking, coconut oil is another great source of omega 3's and a defender against Alzheimer's and cancer. Trader Joes' brand tastes amazing and is quite inexpensive.


#5. Aloe: Looking to fix that constipation, heartburn, or those stomach aches? Want to regulate blood sugar, detoxify the colon, lose weight, burn more calories, improve circulation, strengthen immunity, regulate blood pressure, and reduce inflammation, all in ONE fell swoop? Get out a couple five dollar bills and hit the health food store, or just buy an aloe plant and keep it growing while you use the juice!


#6. Lemon juice: Want a daily superfood tonic that contains cancer-fighting compounds and is super cheap? Combine lemon juice and baking soda with filtered water. Raise that body pH with a natural remedy that OUTPERFORMS chemo drugs! More than 20 research studies show lemon extracts destroy a dozen different varieties of cancer cells and stop them from metastasizing.


#7. Kombucha: Oh yes! "The immortal health elixir" of the ancient Chinese has been a health anecdote for more than two millennia. Made from a fermented sweet tea, this symbiotic colony of good bacteria recently gained prominence in the West. Have you heard of it? Replace that soda you drink with one of the healthiest elixirs on planet earth.


#8. Ginger: ginger root benefits are too long to list–you could write an encyclopedia. Start off by fighting cancer, helping with IBS, protecting against Alzheimer's, and reducing fat accumulation. Raise your vitality every day with ginger!


#9. Turmeric: also known as curcuma longa, this common herb is the "Queen of Spices" with a pepper-like aroma, a golden color, and a sharp taste, that's great for cooking and as a supplement. The "Queen" contains properties that are antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic, and anti-inflammatory. It's "anti" just about everything you don't want and "pro" everything you do. Loaded with protein, dietary fiber, vitamin C, E, and K, plus calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and more. If every oncologist in America would simply prescribe turmeric instead of chemo drugs, we would see a massive decline in cancer deaths.


#10. Chia seeds: Two tablespoons a day gives you 7 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, 200 mg. of calcium, and 5 grams of omega-3s. Wow! Eat just 4 tablespoons and you're getting more omega-3s than a 32-ounce piece of salmon.


<h1>Organic is key because it does NOT contain pesticides</h1>Remember to always look first for organic version of these food items to be sure they don't contain pesticides. Also, you can rely on the Health Ranger to inspect foods, superfoods, and supplements for heavy metal toxins that even the "organic" label doesn't verify. Check out Mike Adams' new book available for pre-sale now, "Food Forensics," that examines multiple genres of nature's best remedies and shows you exactly how to distinguish the cleanest supplements and foods on earth.


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