Saturday, January 23, 2016

Top 10 Major Vegan and Vegetarian Mistakes

It's so easy these days to slip into a funk. Your daily regimen gets thrown off kilter because a few organic companies sold out to GMO Big Food industry giants and changed some of their major raw materials into synthetic, processed junk food fillers that break your system down, and fast. You read some interesting article from some major media source like a popular health magazine or a cooking show and you get off your clean food kick by accident, because you are misinformed about some "healthy food" that's not only NOT healthy, but ruins your digestion, immunity and cell repair abilities, and all that "healthy" talk you've been talking isn't "walking" anywhere but to the bathroom to try to excrete the chemicals from your vegetarian, vegan, or "devil in sheep's clothing" of a diet.


Face it–your lifestyle has been altered, as in "gene altered" at the factory, and at the laboratory of food "science,"–so you better go check those "healthy" salad dressings, those "low-fat products," those "light" products, those "zero calorie" products, those FAKE sugars, the water used in your drinks, including tea and coffee, that "gluten-free" box, that veggie burger, those veggie dogs, that "nuked" food (microwaved), that soup conglomeration, and anything imported from China, even if it says "certified organic."


See if your favorite organic company has sold out to the GM food industry HERE.


Top 10 worst foods vegans and vegetarians consume – thinking they're healthy


#1. Unfermented Soy Products:


#2. Canola Oil (and it doesn't matter if it's organic or not!)  


#3. Artificial Sweeteners


#4. Genetically Modified Organisms


#5. Organic Gluten


#6. Tap Water


#7. Anything Coming Out of your Microwave Oven


#8. Vegetable Soups at Restaurants (they usually contain chicken stock and monosodium glutamate, which is GMO)


#9. Almond Milk (usually contains wood pulp listed as cellulose, carrageenan and guar gum)


#10. Certified organic food imported from China


Why microwave ovens are SO bad!


"Nukers," as many call them, produce microwave radiation that interacts with molecules in food. That wave "energy" changes the polarity of those molecules from positive to negative with each cycle of the wave, at millions of times per second. This severe agitation (and friction) bombards the food and forcefully deforms it. The scientific name for this is "structural isomerism." You've heard of radiation from the conventional treatments, especially in the USA, that are given to cancer patients to attempt to destroy cancer cells. Yet, radiation itself is the result of nuclear decay. A microwave oven decays the molecular structure of food, and the packaging of that food leaches toxins into the food, like BPA, and that's just the beginning of the damage being inflicted.

Final thoughts: Watch out for animal rennet, gelatin anything, GMO sugar, aspartame (which is GMO), sucralose, sorbitol, sodium fluoride water, GM wheat, maltodextrin, cochineal (insects), dough conditioner, anti-foaming agents, glycerin, lanolin (fat from sheep's wool put in chewing gum), lard, lipase (enzyme from the tongue and stomach of hogs and cows), modified starch (corn that's been altered),


and of course, rapeseed oil–that's now called canola oil with less poison to meet the FDA "standards."


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The Fluoride Deception:





Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Top 8 Most-Believed American Health Myths of the Past 75 Years

Don't feel bad that you're "gullible" – it's not an intelligence thing, you've been brainwashed by advertising and insidious marketing tricks for decades, but all of that is about to change.
Top 8 "Most-Believed" American Health Myths:
1. The dairy myth: "milk – it does a body good." Humans are the only animals that consume milk after infancy or from another animal. Oops. Cut out the dairy and see how much LESS mucus and congestion you wake up with in the morning. It's a tell tale sign that dairy is bad for you.
2. The protein myth: you have to eat meat to get enough protein for your body to be healthy. Yep, there are plenty of sources of protein that are raw and awesome that your body doesn't have to work so dang hard to break down, digest and dissolve just to get to those amino acids (plus conventional meat contains hormones and antibiotics, not to mention GM bacteria). Try phytoplankton, raw organic kale, spinach, nuts and seeds, chlorella, spirulina, and the list goes on!
3. Herd immunity and the immunization myth: vaccines are "safe and effective" and you're better off getting them than not getting them. Vaccines contain mercury, formaldehyde, MSG and aluminum. They inject it into your muscle tissue to conjure up an synthetic immune reaction. If you think you're safe with the "herd" think about those who just got injected who can shed that very disease for 2 weeks. Need we say more?
4. Fluoride – it's "good for your teeth" (it's in most tap water, by the way). Hitler used sodium fluoride to weaken the Jews in concentration camps so they couldn't fight back. Sound familiar? That's why most people believe the two party political system of America means they have a real vote, when it's all one big party scam. The fluoride put in tap water causes cancer, lowered IQ and brittle bones. Watch those hip fractures!
5. The FDA, CDC, USDA and EPA protect consumers from eating and drinking chemicals and synthetic food "agents" that cause disease and disorder. The FDA and CDC are businesses that have been run as businesses since inception. You can buy stock in the CDC-they're listed on Dun and Bradstreet, for God's sake.
6. Antibiotics are mainly prescribed by doctors to kill bacteria and heal infections in humans ... except for the fact that 75% of today's antibiotics are jabbed into animals in filthy dirty CAFOs–confined animal feeding operations–to stave off infections until slaughter. Point made.
7. Foods labeled "diet," "light," "zero," "sugar-free," "all-natural," and "gluten-free" are healthy foods. Artificial sweeteners CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN! How horrendous that so many people believe otherwise, with their 32 ounce diet soda of death and gut flora destruction. No wonder half the country has IBS!
8. Cigarettes are good for digestion. In the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, the American Medical Association worked in tandem with Big Tobacco to poison millions of American's lungs and minds with commercials where doctors outright endorsed and smoked "their favorite brands" right there in print ads and on television ads. They knew back then smoking increased chances of lung cancer greatly but they HID the TRUTH for 30 to 40 years, enslaving smokers and buying their death for $10,000 a head. That's how much a smoker is worth to Big Tobacco, before all the medical bills.

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