Thursday, October 8, 2015

Forced Vaccinations at Gunpoint for ALL Adults in America?


"If you Americans do not stand against this, it's over," continued Dr. Hieb, author of the new book Surviving the Medical Meltdown: Your Guide to Living Through the Disaster of Obamacare. "What liberty do you have if the federal government can force you to have a medical procedure, can force you to surrender your very body to their control? Answer: none. Because there is nothing that cannot be justified on the basis of 'the good of society.' The Jewish Holocaust, the Great Leap Forward, the killing of the Kulaks, American Eugenics, Tuskegee experimentation, the cold water experiments of Birkenau, Dachau and Auschwitz, all were justified at the time by their respective leaders as for the good of society."

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Meet the world's most villainous pseudo-journalists that specialize in GMO rhetoric and attacking clean food activists

There are conspiracy theorists, and then there are evil bastards that ruin good things on purpose. Corporations in America are quite nefarious and out of control, with millions and even billions of dollars available to spend fooling the public into consuming toxins posing as food and then consuming toxic medicine to quell the symptoms of disease and disorder stemming from the toxic food they were conned into eating in the first place. This is all planned out with elaborate schemes and manipulation and it runs deeper than most people can ever imagine, even the conspiracy theorists, who themselves, may be underestimating the power and insidious planning of corporations, PR firms, rogue journalists and even public scientists who would rather pad their pockets with crisp cash than do what's right and report the truth., an online news reporting firm that lies and lies and lies about GMOs and biotechnology has been in the spotlight of fraud and corporate shills lately, mainly because they employ SHILL #1 in America, one Jon Entine. Entine has been caught writing bogus hit pieces about how GMO, genetically modified organisms (in agriculture) are somehow good for health, environmentally friendly, drought resistant, and even the future of food. Though countless studies have shown that consuming chemical pesticides leads to cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, Entine gets paid well to twist, distort and convolute the science, and anyone who disagrees with him Entine labels them as "anti-science" or food terrorists, when in actuality he is anti-science for supporting untested, unsafe chemical agriculture practices. He has also been revealed by court documents as a wife-beater and a child abuser. Don't believe it? Keep reading.



Another shill for Monsanto is a "public scientist" out of the University of Florida who runs an agriculture/horticulture department and pretends that he has researched Monsanto's biotechnology - but in essence what he does is repeat (cut and paste) word for word whatever Monsanto and their PR firm Ketchum tells him to say or write. He does this online at and he tours the US performing speaking engagements, attempting to influence public officials and even Congress that GMO is safe, when it's just the opposite. Check it all out at



Henry Miller is another paid hack and shill who attacked Dr. Oz after Oz shared with the world the WHO findings that Glyphosate is carcinogenic. Glyphosate of course is the main ingredient in Monsanto's top selling toxic herbicide Roundup. Miller helped construct a letter and got 10 other shills to sign their names to it in a bogus attempt to get Dr. Oz thrown off the Columbia Medical Surgeon's board, but it failed miserably. What a hack Miller is. Check him out here:



Keith Kloor is a sap that used to edit the Audubon Magazine about birds and climate change. Now he's been enlisted as a biotech shill and is trying to learn how to lie as well as Jon Entine. Check out more about this charlatan hack and pseudo-journalist here:



As reported by Natural


"Staffed with pesticide apologists Henry I. Miller and Jon Entine, Forbes employs some of the "world's most villainous pseudo-journalists," as reported by, who are paid to use "journalism" as a method to launch attacks against clean food activists like Dr. Oz, the Food Babe and the Health Ranger on behalf of Big Agriculture."



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