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Boosting Immunity and Preventing Cancer for MILLIONS of people who utilize Vitamin E starting NOW

According to Natural News, even with all the money that gets poured into cancer research, this disease remains the fourth leading cause of death in the United States – and numbers are similar for many other Western countries. And a big part of the problem is that the majority of cancer therapies still revolve around some combination of surgery, chemo or radiation therapy. All of these treatments carry risks – and all have unwanted side effects. That is why so many researchers are putting their time into coming up with more natural ways to treat cancer. And one surprising candidate that has emerged from all of this is vitamin E, which is more popularly known for its ability to nourish the skin.

Vitamin E is a “supervitamin.” It boosts the immune system and can help fight cancer in its natural form.

What has many people in the cancer research community talking about ait re several recently published studies that appear to the have found a link between high levels of vitamin E in the body and a decreased chance of breast cancer. Since this form of cancer remains of vital concern to women in particular, these studies have garnered a lot of attention.

It appears that vitamin E is able to interfere with the special cells which actually nourish the cancerous tumor and help it to grow. This interference means that the tumor is not able to grow – or more importantly, not able to spread to other parts of the body. It also was apparently able to induce higher rates of cancer cell death – but without harming surrounding tissues. Vitamin E actually comes in many different forms – and not all of these forms appear to be able to affect cancer cells in the way just described.


The best kind of vitamin E for cancer prevention and "bully beat down" is vitamin E succinate, because it is this form which can act on the cancer cells and disrupt their ability to reproduce and spread – as well as hasten their death.

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Cigarettes, Diet Soda and Fibromyalgia - NATURAL CURES for the BIG THREE!


When you finish reading this, you will have the guide at your fingertips that will walk you through quitting cigarettes, beginning immediately. This is knowledge and behavior modification and it is completely natural and organic, as you are meant to be. Fibromyalgia is completely driven by inflammation and is classified as a "disorder" that currently affects over 5 million Americans. So what is it?


Smoking News: Cigarettes, diet soda, monosodium glutamate and tap water - the top FOUR sinister contributors to fibromyalgia and inflammation


What exactly is Fibromyalgia? It's characterized by chronic muscle pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, fatigue and sometimes irritable bowels. Nobody wants or needs to be functioning this way. "They" (Western Medicine) tell you the cause is not understood, but "they" lie or don't know the truth. Several medications are "available" with prescriptions and side effects recommended by television and your so called doctor who makes such good conversation with you and is SO friendly. Analgesics and antidepressants for your food, water and cigarette "disorder"?? I don't think so. In Europe, doctors get bonuses for healing their patients. So here's some truth news for a bonus: If you were getting sick from moldy bread, would you look for a cure from a vaccine or medicine while you kept eating the bread every day? The cure for polluted water is to stop polluting the water, however, millions of Americans who consume synthetic ingredients daily are suffering from short term side effects and long term physiological repercussions.


Everything wrong with you is approved by the FDA


Could it be that the body's inability to process, utilize, and excrete these unnatural products, which are approved by the FDA, is the main cause of Fibromyalgia? Some wild guesses at the cause include stress injuries and psychological trauma, or even post-surgery stress. If any of these prove true, then this is the time when the human body needs nutrients the most. Aspartame poisoning, which accounts for 75% of the complaints the FDA receives every year, is often confused with multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus. The symptoms are virtually identical, including muscle spasms, shooting pains, numbness, cramps, and even vertigo. Depression, blurred vision and memory loss also occur and may look awfully familiar. How many diet drinks and sugar free candies are you consuming in an average day? In what other ways is the average American polluting their system with synthetics that generate incurable disorders? Gluten is a key ingredient for giving many foods their chewiness and adding bulk to packaged food products. Huge pharmaceutical companies are making money from this "epidemic style" disorder. And why are four out of five cases of Fibromyalgia females. Aren't women consuming more of the diet foods than men?

Fibromyalgia - - It's a HUGE SCAM! - -  And YOU can end the scam ...


According to a study by the Annals of Pharmacotherapy, the use of aspartame increases pain for people who have fibromyalgia. Women who decreased their intake of aspartame and MSG (monosodium glutamate) experienced decreases in pain, and then, when the additives were introduced back into their diet, the pain levels increased immediately. Jump start the healing process by eliminating "excitotoxins," or poisons, from the diet. Many chemical food agents and additives lead to neurotoxicity when used in excess, especially when consumed on an empty stomach. Neurotoxicity is an umbrella term which covers nearly every single symptom listed under Fibromyalgia. Natural remedies may include using magnesium, vitamin D, and natural supplements that boost dopamine and serotonin levels. Vitamin B complex is important for balancing the central nervous system. Look into herbs as natural remedies also. Passion flower helps with stress and anxiety. Licorice aids in digestion. Milk thistle, dandelion and reishi mushroom are excellent for cleansing organs like the liver and kidneys, and also for boosting immunity. In other words, cover your nutritional needs first and always remember, "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates.


Cigarettes: Begin phasing them OUT when you finish reading this article - and you will end your habit within 14 days.


Ever heard of organic tobacco? You will now. Ever heard of mucuna, the natural legume that raises your dopamine levels naturally, instead of using nicotine, which destroys your cleansing organs???  This is the inside turned out on chemicals and how they are affecting your moods and your motivation. This is THEIR curtain call. End them. Understand that certain superfoods can replace your cravings and then simply buy them and eat them. You are in a great place now to understand what diet soda and MSG does to the body, and artificial sweeteners in general. Keep reading.


Before tobacco was polluted with somewhere between 1,000 and 4,000 chemicals, anyone could quit the habit, even cold turkey without help, but because today's premium brands have juiced up the nicotine so high, it seems to take a small miracle to cure someone of smoking.


In fact, the majority of smokers light up just to feel normal, and catch a little bit of stimulation or relaxation; however, even after quitting a smoker's organs and central nervous system remain poisoned from the chemicals for up to 12 months. This sickened state is what drives smokers back looking for relief, not the "nicotine addiction." The history of commercial tobacco production in the United States dates back to the 17th century when the first commercial crop was planted. But why do the chemicals in cigarettes have so much more to do with the smoking addiction than nicotine? Most cigarette smokers do not understand it's the chemicals in cigarettes that wreak havoc in their central nervous system, fueling the need for the short-lived relief nicotine brings.


History proves that the premium brands contain more chemicals than others, and that is why they rule the marketshare, and most of their "loyal smokers" will not even smoke the competition's brand because the "kick" or "taste" just isn't the same. What most fail to realize is that this desired kick and taste comes with a very steep price - that being more pesticides, more ammonia, and a richer toxic cocktail that does damage to the lungs and nervous system in the short term.


Diet Soda Kills You Slowly


Most people who smoke a pack a day of cigarettes know they are treading on thin ice regarding their health, but how many people realize that drinking 30 or more ounces of diet soda each day could prove to be more lethal than a pack of cigarettes? And how can diet soda be worse than regular soda? Even though there are over 4,000 chemicals in one commercial cigarette, the leading chemical in diet soda may actually be breeding more cancer cells in human beings, and thus leading to malignant tumors sooner in life, according to recent research. Cancer thrives in an acidic body where the cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients. Yet, even worse than cigarettes are artificial sweeteners, which fool the body into ingesting them, as if they are food, and polluting the cleansing organs with mutagens. Some research shows the body never excretes all of the aspartame, sorbitol, sucralose or saccharin. When a human consumes Equal, Splenda, Nutrasweet, Sweet-n-Low, etc., their cleansing organs, like the liver, kidneys, and pancreas are overworking and malnourished. You cannot live without these organs. Aspartame is GMO, so the blood is infected, with synthetic carcinogens (which it does not release properly, if ever) which cause central nervous system (CNS) disorders and make you hungrier! That's right, synthetic sugars drive hunger and actually make most people put on weight. How ironic, right?

There is no prescription drug, and there never will be one, which cures the problems that artificial sweeteners create.


Over 70 percent of reported cases of fibromyalgia, chronic depression, IBS and acid reflux are caused by consuming chemical agents which have been approved by the FDA.
( The good news is that there are natural cures for both diet soda addiction and cigarette addiction.


Monosodium glutamate - "MSG" - drives inflammation immediately - chronic migraines and irritability


Monosodium Glutamate, better known as MSG, is a form of concentrated salt added to foods to enhance the flavor. This salt version of glutamic acid is an amino acid the body can produce on its own, but the MSG we find on store shelves is processed and comes from fermented sugar beets. Because this kind of MSG is processed, it can cause many adverse reactions, including skin rashes, itching, hives, nausea, vomiting, migraine headaches, asthma, heart irregularities, depression, central nervous system instability and even seizures!

Because MSG is so cheap, the food industry can use much lower quality foods and simply add MSG as a flavor enhancer. Currently, there is a huge investment by the food giants in MSG medical research to convince consumers of its safety. Monsanto, the giant biotech company that creates genetically modified corn, soy and canola, also controls more than 90% of the sugar beet industry; therefore, MSG contains the gene of the pesticide Roundup. Consumers who don't filter MSG out of their diet are catching a double dose of toxicity. Foods which contain the largest doses of MSG are spicy corn chips, many soups, certain Chinese foods, ranch dressing, sausages, hot dogs, barbecued meats, smoked meats, processed deli meats, and sauces. Also included are most powdered packets like chili, gravy, taco seasoning, French onion dip and dried dip mixes.


Tap Water: Most USA tap contains toxic sodium FLUORIDE


Per Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Editor of Natural News: "Fluoride-pushing doctors and dentists who try to contaminate your water supply with fluoride are promoting their deadly agenda with a clever lie... a lie you will see obediently repeated in every fluoride push. Here's how it sounds:

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in the water. Our city's water is unfortunate enough to have a low level, so we are simply adjusting the fluoride in the water to its optimum levels to improve public health. This lie is repeated almost verbatim, across every city that seeks to poison its citizens with fluoride. Why is it a lie?"

Deception #1) The fluoride ADDED to the water is not "naturally occurring fluoride." It's a chemical byproduct often purchased from chemical plants in

Deception #2) The false idea that ingesting fluoride is somehow good for your teeth. At best, fluoride is a topical treatment which should be swished around your mouth and then spat out. And that's only if it's truly natural (mineral) fluoride, not the fluosilicic acid toxins being pushed as fluoride.

Deception #3) What cities call "fluoride" is actually a toxic cocktail of over 100 deadly industrial chemicals and heavy metals, many of which are purchased in bulk from China, where industrial processing plants are trying to get rid of their excess toxic waste by labeling it "sodium fluoride."

Deception #4) There is no such thing as a "low" level of
fluoride or an "optimum" level of fluoride in drinking water. Pure drinking water should contain NO fluoride whatsoever.


CoQ10 - the Essential Nutrient Depleted in Smokers - Time to Replenish!


What's so great about CoQ10?? We can tell you. It is perfectly legal to understand how nutrition and supplements can change your life and help you find ideal health. So keep reading. CoQ10 is a naturally occurring substance, like the vitamins our body produces, but this may need some help to be optimal, and that's what you want and need right now is optimal. You may be experiencing oxidative stress and that would halter your production of CoQ10. You may just be ill from what you eat, drink and put on your skin daily, and these could be the three MAJOR FACTORS contributing to your insufficient CoQ10.

"Maintaining higher levels of CoQ10 is so critical to sustaining health, that supplementation is often recommended, especially in those who are over 40."  

Top reasons to maintain optimal CoQ10 levels in your body:

1. CoQ10 is absolutely vital for maintaining good health as it creates energy for every organ, tissue and cell in the body, enabling them to perform at their optimal level.

2. CoQ10 is an antioxidant, also known as ubiquinol, and is present in every cell as our bodies create it continuously. As we age, we produce less, so you MUST get more from food, supplementation or both!

3. You add PROTECTION for your brain and heart by optimizing your levels of CoQ10.

4. CoQ10 improves short and long-term health.

5. CoQ10 functions as your "home security system" for defending against the most common "life" and "health" thieves - those being cancer, heart disease and diabetes. CoQ10 is your round-the-clock monitoring system and the WEAPON OF CHOICE for fighting inflammation and you guessed it - - fibromyalgia, that "mystery disorder" that Big Pharma and the AMA just can't seem to figure out, help with, solve or prevent. What a coincidence you just found out about CoQ10!

A precedent study demonstrated that a diet rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and CoQ10 leads to a longer lifespan. It’s been shown to reduce heart attacks and overall heart failure by 50%.

HEALTH NEWS FACT: Cancer patients regularly have low CoQ10 levels.

"Low CoQ10 levels have been observed in cancer patients, while treatment with CoQ10 has been shown to be effective against cancer. The lack of CoQ10 can cause Rhabdomyolysis, which is muscle fibers breaking down, which leads to the release of muscle fiber contents (myoglobin) into the bloodstream. Myoglobin is known to cause kidney damage. Notably, Rhabdomyolysis has been observed often in patients who take statin drugs. Inadequate CoQ10 levels have also been noted in incidences of chronic heart failure, end stage AIDS and other overwhelming illnesses."

Organic foods rich in CoQ10 are easy to find!

If you still eat meat, look for grass-fed, organic meats, including fish like mackerel and herring. For the rest, look for organic walnuts, spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes, buy organic garlic, cauliflower, and lots of AVOCADO!

Make sure any supplements you take contain NO SYNTHETIC ingredients. Don't buy your vitamins or supplements from WalMart, for instance. Go to the Natural News Store or David Wolfe's Longevity Warehouse. These are the world's leading expert nutritionists who know all the good, bad and ugly about supplementation and will steer you on the right, organic, healthy path! Your Naturopathic Physician is also an excellent source for guidance. Ask lots of questions.

Health Freedom and Free Speech


Remember, you have the right to free speech, freedom of press and optimal health. Follow the Natural News Tracker and keep up with the professional opinions of the top articles on Natural Current events covered, national events, international events and World Health News.





This is your key to optimal health - truth news and smart choices. Always consider all food, water, personal care products, household cleansing products - as your choice to be healthy and organic. Exercise regularly at a pace you can enjoy. Look forward to your life as a non-smoker. It's about to start.



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Additional Sources for this Research - Special thanks to Natural News and Mike Adams!







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Launched! Glitch News and Fukushima Watch just two of the NEW 100 plus sites on World Health News Network!


Launched! Glitch News and Fukushima Watch just two of NEW World Health News Network - the truth network for alternative media alliances. Start things off with TopTenGrocerySecrets and you're off to a major head start. These would be ways to use everyday foods to prevent disease, treat health issues and enhance overall wellbeing. In your search for ideal health, you will certainly want the best information from the best sources, reliable naturopathic physicians, natural healers, scientists who don't have inside trade deals going with corporations. On your journey to ideal health and all the time you plan to keep it that way, you will be pleased to know the Health Ranger - Mike Adams is looking out for truth media, alternative media, health news, investigations of chemicals in foods, laboratory research on flu shots and protein powders for heavy metal toxins. You learn so fast from the Natural Health News and now the network is underway. Get on the ultimate truth information health highway. Cruise in the HOV lane with your friends and family. Get information at the speed of light and sound and know all the decisions you make with your day, with your dollars, go to the right causes, including the nutrition going to your gut. Pay close attention and further your  research now. This is a catapult into YOUR healthy future. Take the LEAP!

Fetch News Search Engine finds TRUE Research, not Corporate Crap
Natural News Tracker and Natural Health Enthusiasts around the world invite you to join the search for ideal health via the new natural health news network.
We welcome independent media authors to join us to launch their own "partner site" via Natural News.

Partner sites earn revenues for their authors, and zero technical knowledge is needed to launch them or run them. All partner sites published via Natural News are nearly immune to cyber attacks, hacking attempts and DDoS attacks, making them an ideal platform for whistleblowers and industry insiders wanting to speak out anonymously.
Think of Terminator and Terminator II movies right about now. covers cyber warfare, hack attacks, failed computer systems, power grid failures, robotics, AI, drones and more. covers all the breaking news on Fukushima and nuclear accidents.
NATURAL NEWS LAUNCHES INDY MEDIA NETWORK!  Over one hundred websites joined forces already
Check out Fukushima "News" Watch:  

What is Dirty Electricity?

What is Dirty Electricity? Dirty electricity is a term coined by the electrical utility industry to describe electromagnetic interfer...