Saturday, March 5, 2016

Top 12 American Poisons Disguised as Food, Drink, Candy or Medicine

Let it be said, let it be known. The majority of Americans are completely clueless when it comes to avoiding toxins that cause all the major PREVENTABLE diseases, including cancer. You would think they don't even know what the word preventable means. There are all kinds of diets out there that teach you how to eat less "carbs" or just lay off "red meat" or get off microwave food, and that's great, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you're really interested in adding high quality years to your life, starting right now, you will realize and appreciate that the great country of America is the WORST country in which to purchase food, water, medicine without knowing exactly what you're buying. Corporations own you if you don't know what to avoid. They market to you, they poison you, and they are the same folks who create the BAD MEDICINE for your "bad food ills." It's that simple. It's that straightforward. There's not an "elephant in the room," no – there are TWELVE ELEPHANTS in the room. Here we go:


1. Gluten: Gluten may start out as food, but after the factory processing, it ends up a gooey chemical mess in your gut that first destroys immunity, and then cripples the digestive tract by clogging it up, thus rotting everything else that comes in behind it within 24 hours. You got your "All-American" hot dog buns, hamburger buns, chicken sandwiches, pizzas and foot-long subs. All bleached and conditioned with artificial ingredients to keep 'em soft, sweet and destructive.


2. Vaccines (50 before age 7): Today's vaccines not only contain live versions of the diseases you DO NOT WANT, but also contain GMOs, hormones from infected cows, pigs, chickens and monkeys, untested virus combinations (like H1N1), aluminum, mercury, emulsifiers, and crossbred bacteria from animals, mosquitoes, and diseased humans

3. Fluoridated water (your whole shortened life): "What cities call 'fluoride' is actually a toxic cocktail of over 100 deadly industrial chemicals and heavy metals, many of which are purchased in bulk from China, where industrial processing plants are trying to get rid of their excess toxic waste by labeling it 'sodium fluoride.'"

4. GMO: Molecular engineers working in laboratories for Monsanto, the giant American biotech company, are gene-splicing vegetable seedlings with poisonous pesticides and herbicides so the plants are inherently protected from the insects, weeds and worms that might damage them. The majority of products Americans eat daily contain some form of GMO soy, corn, canola (rapeseed) oil or cotton seed oil. Research shows that consuming the popular herbicide Roundup leads to the mutation of cells in the human body, in turn fueling the development of malignant tumors and other various forms of cancer.

5. White sugar (irradiated, bleached and refined)


6. Table salt (irradiated, bleached and refined)


7. Flu shots: Mercury tests conducted on vaccines at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab using high-end laboratory instrumentation have revealed a shockingly high level of toxic mercury in an influenza vaccine (flu shot) made by GlaxoSmithKline (lot #9H2GX). Tests conducted document mercury in the Flulaval vaccine at a shocking 51 parts per million, or over 25,000 times higher than the maximum contaminant level of inorganic mercury in drinking water set by the EPA.


8. Pharmaceutical-grade synthetic and chemical-based prescription medications - responsible for 100,000 deaths a year in America now and counting


9. Chemotherapy - chemicals are what CAUSE cancer in the first place



10. Gelatin: This is all of the animal parts that don't get sold as "meat" in the markets and fast food restaurants across America. Nearly all chewy candy-like gummy bears and gummy worms, and gelatin-coated supplements are derived from the collagen inside animals' skin and bones, plus muscles, tendons, eyes, hoofs – everything gets melted down and reduced so much that it's genetically mutated and marketed with genetically mutated corn sugar (or HFCS), to unsuspecting children all across the land. When injected into muscle tissue, gelatin poses the risk of infection from synthetic growth hormones and mad cow disease (BSE).


11. Canola: Decades ago, the "Big Food Industry" needed a cheap substitute for imported coconut and palm oil, and they found it. Some creative Canadian scientist took rapeseed – the most toxic of all food-oil plants and that which was used to manufacture mustard gas in WWII for genocide – and diluted it to meet FDA "standards." Canola oil is more toxic than soy oil, even when it contains zero pesticides. Studies of rats consuming canola revealed degeneration of the heart, kidneys, thyroid gland and adrenals.


12. Unfermented Soy: No soy was fit to eat until the discovery of fermentation techniques during the Chou Dynasty. Anyone eating unfermented soy would suffer from eating anti-nutrient toxins that block the enzymes humans need for protein digestion. Any soy that is unfermented, whether organic or not, is linked to immune-system malfunctions, thyroid dysfunction and cognitive decline. Hundreds of health studies reveal infant abnormalities, kidney stones and food allergies thanks to soy consumption.










Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Most People Do Not Understand Chemical Agriculture - They Have No Clue

Some people – in fact, most people – do not even understand what GMO means. To many, all they know about the genetic modification of organisms and food is that somehow science has "advanced" in the agriculture sector. They believe that maybe we need that to help with food shortages, or killing weeds and bugs, so that farms will be able to produce enough food to "feed the world," or something to that effect.
The truth is, genetically modified crops grow from seeds that have pesticide genes inserted in them, so that the plant itself grows bug-killer and weed-killer inside of it. Many of these crops are sprayed with the same pesticides of which their genetic makeup is comprised, adding to the overall toxicity for the humans that consume them. Glyphosate, a main component of the most popular herbicides on the planet, has been proven by scientists in laboratories to increase the risk of infertility, and for many animals, to cause an early death.

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Natural Cancer Cures Made Simple!

Reishi mushrooms -- You won't find reishi on salads at restaurants or packaged at your typical conventional grocer. Go to health food stores and check the supplements and dried powders, usually sold as capsules. Reishi have been used to treat countless ailments in the Far East for over two millennia. In China, they're called the "Mushrooms of Immortality." Reishi are meant for long-term consumption and have been linked to reduced blood pressure and improved nerve function and stamina! You might treat cancer and diabetes with reishi mushroom, just don't tell the hospital administrators or your local newspaper that it worked so well, or they might have to report you to the Medical Mafia. When you start talking about important polysaccharides and saponins that decrease cell proliferation in cancerous lungs, the oncologists' cash registers stop ringing and they send you home to LIVE!

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