Saturday, December 27, 2014

Don't Eat Cancer but Do Take Supplements - the opposite of what America teaches the masses


No wonder there's so much PREVENTABLE disease occurring in the United States today. People are obese, sick, suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis and cancer and fighting off heart attacks and diabetes, as if these diseases were commonplace 100 years ago, but they weren't.


People are convinced by MDs that their problems are genetic or due to weak organs, weak cells, or bad blood. People are conned into eating the same dangerous foods for years because MDs refuse to recommend organic food as medicine and supplements for the nutrients we rarely see in common foods, like Superfoods and herbal tinctures.


And it's not just about preventable disease either. It's about feeling good, being creative, thinking outside the box, deep thinking, meditation, and thriving in the face of adversity, but eating all the wrong foods, taking synthetic medications, and drinking tap water WILL lead you to an early grave. So what to do? Start by asking yourself HOW you feel right now? How did you feel when you woke up this morning. How productive is your life, your daily life? How creative and inspiring is it and how much love do you give to those who add to the environment around you?


If you feed your organs junk food, processed and GMO food in the morning, you could be driving your whole system towards a cliff (health cliff). Do you eat gluten biscuits, bread, and cereal? If breakfast is your biggest meal of the day, you really need to take heed of what you consume? Are they empty calories, conventional meats and sugary drinks? Tell me you don't ever eat artificial sweeteners! No wonder you can't lose that unnecessary weight. Those are poison.


Learn About the Power of Nutrients Now


Certain nutrients have been shown to minimize and even eliminate carbohydrate cravings when taken in supplement form. Glutamine is an amino acid that helps with your metabolism. If you lack glutamine, your brain resorts to glucose for fuel, triggering cravings for carbs and sugary food. Glutamine reaches the brain in minutes and can satisfy that craving - which is simply your body's need for fuel!

Magnesium is an abundant mineral in your body and is a co-factor in more than 300 biochemical reactions. It regulates insulin sensitivity too, according to recent studies. Dietary magnesium could improve insulin resistance among non-diabetic subjects. Since poor insulin health is directly related to carbohydrate cravings, it isn't surprising that sufficient magnesium supplementation can help end them.

Chromium is an essential trace mineral that assists your glucose metabolism. This too can diminish carb cravings according to a study published in 2008 that showed overweight subjects who supplement with chromium picolinate, one of the best chromium supplements, improved glycemic control.


You too could be TACKLING CARB CRAVINGS. Find out more on Natural Health News right now and make that change and adjust yourself to your own ideal weight and health. Filter all chemicals from your daily food and find out real research on top supplements you need to round off your whole food, organic food intake daily!

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Don't Eat Cancer: Modern Day Cancer Prevention book now being translated into Chinese!


It's getting great reviews on Amazon. This is how and why the world is quickly figuring out exactly what foods, drinks and personal care products cause cancer. Get informed and live long and prosper!



Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The fear of quitting smoking has you HOOKED ... Eliminate it!

The greatest fear of quitting smoking is the fear of the feelings of anxiety, depression and overall "crankiness" from the withdrawals of nicotine. Any smoker who has tried to quit in the past knows that this is a very tough period to go through, especially if stressful events happen on top of it all.

The fear of that anxiety and nervousness "never ending" can last for hours, days and even weeks, seemingly having no "light at the end of the tunnel" and sending the new "non-smoker" back to the well. And that's it. Once you smoke ONE cigarette, you get dragged back into the habit like a strong undertow in the ocean, and before you know it, you're right back to smoking a pack a day, or two packs a day, or was it three?

A man once told me that he couldn't quit smoking because his wife would find out. I said, you mean, she doesn't know that you started back up again? He said yes, and when he quits, he gets really cranky, and that she would know that he had started smoking again. I thought that was the most ridiculous reason I had ever heard for someone not wanting to quit, but it's true. So what is the solution? What is the "missing link" that, if smokers all knew about and really put to use, would have the highest success ratio of any program in the world for getting smokers over that hump, those first 14 days basically, when the anxiety and nervousness otherwise "kicks in"?

The missing link - nutrition and herbs

The reason why nearly all cessation (stop smoking) programs fail for about 95% of people who try them is because they do not address nutrient deficiency and the problems that smokers' central nervous systems face when they stop smoking ammonia-laden nicotine. You see, Big Tobacco uses ammonia to freebase nicotine so that every cigarette delivers about 100 milligrams of nicotine power, and that quells the anxiety and nervousness that is bred by smoking 4,000 chemicals, including herbicide, pesticide, insecticide and bleach. Also, the nicotine patch only delivers about 3 to 4 milligrams an hour, steadily, throughout the day. Nicotine gum is even weaker than the patch. These "cessation" choices are nothing close to calming the nerves. They are not helping you balance your central nervous system or replenish your nutrient base. Now you know why they call it chain smoking -- nicotine is just aspirin for the chemical hangover you get from EVERY cigarette.

Hypnosis doesn't offer nutritional advice or supplements either, and the CDC certainly does not inform you in any way of the power of certain organic foods and herbs that quell the anxiety, fight depression and raise dopamine levels naturally. The CDC's scary commercials and warnings on cigarette packs do nothing more than spark conversation; they don't help smokers quit the third-strongest addiction in the world. For most people, it's not just psychological. For the ultimate feat of quitting cigarettes for good -- people want some guidance.

End anxiety and fuel good feelings

Mucuna is a natural remedy and a tropical legume. It is made into a food "supplement" by grinding up the beans after removing the "velvety" outer coating. It's a beautiful bean that's native to Asia and Africa and has a wide range of medicinal properties. By safely and naturally enhancing dopamine levels, people do not feel irritated and desperate to light up, but rather they feel happy and "removed" from the want of lighting up. (

David Wolfe speaking on the safety of Mucuna:

When you kill the "urge," you cut the habit, and the rest is mind control and nutrition. The nicotine addiction is broken in three to four days, but it takes about two weeks to rid yourself of the 4,000 chemicals still leaching minerals from your body. This is also why it is important to supplement with an organic multivitamin mineral complex, really ramping up the fortification process as the first 14 days pass. Vitamin B is good for balancing the central nervous system, but it needs to be organic, possibly with niacin too. Check with your nutritionist. Did you know that organic chocolate fights depression? Imagine if you took action and did all of this? Whom do you know who smokes and would love to quit?

Also, L-tyrosine is an amino acid that fights depression, cures anxiety and cures chronic fatigue! Some smokers mistake depression for detoxification. It is vital to refortify nutrients throughout the body while quitting smoking. Garlic cloves and oil of oregano are also natural remedies to be considered here. The natural method called 14AndOut not only teaches the smoker about the physiological effects from the chemicals engineered into commercial cigarettes, but 14AndOut also introduces excellent behavior modification to replace and replenish bad habits with good ones. That is how nutrition is infused into the equation and the smoker is rescued from anxiety, nervousness, crankiness and, in the end, the habit that was removing 10 to 20 years from their life.


Kill the urge and you cut the habit

The Health Ranger presents the trailer to the all-natural program (empowerment video) recommended by nutritionists and naturopaths. 14AndOut is also available in paperback and on kindle. (

You are in complete control now, it's not just mind over matter. It's about nutrition and positive reinforcements! Eliminate your fear of quitting right now. Live without fear and the "fear of failure." Quit smoking. Change your life!

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Eating food and drinking water during the Big USA "Crash" of 2015/2016 - Obama won't be coming to "save you"


What is "Riotsville" USA?? The Health Ranger says it could be on its way soon, and if you live anywhere near a metropolitan size city you won't like it a bit, in fact, it could be your demise. If you've watched the news lately and seen scenes of protests that quickly escalate into police brutality (unwarranted) and then to riots, you know what a riot looks like. It will be much worse when the "rioters" outnumber the police, like ten or twenty to one. That's when most US cities become war zones, with DHS, the Dept. of Homeland Security, saddling up with all their armor suits, armor tanks and hollow point bullets. That's when the DHS puts to work their thousands of machine guns they bought a couple years ago, to use on the public who aren't getting fed by their Big "daddy" government.


Riotsville USA can arrive overnight too. All it would take is a huge stock market "cliff", or a nuclear plant meltdown like Fukushima only here, or a mass deflation by and sell off of bonds, or a mass grid failure, or a staged event by the circle of power in Washington DC, where politicians are always plotting and scheming, plotting and scheming. Consider these areas of dire importance in US that, if one of them falls to pieces, you will want to have a way to feed your family, because the shelves at all the stores will certainly be EMPTY IN 48 HOURS or less:


1) FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS: Financial transactions with banks are necessary to process payments for received goods and transportation fees. If the transactions can't go through, deliveries can't be made.

2) FUEL SUPPLIES: If fuel isn't readily available, the trucks don't roll. And fuel supplies depend on the functioning of oil refineries which, of course, run on electricity from the power grid.

3) POWER GRID: Without the power grid online and functioning, trucking companies can't function because they're all run by computer. Stores also can't stay open to receive goods because they can't log in the received inventory via computer.

4) SOCIAL STABILITY: Trucks can't deliver groceries to stores that are on fire or stranded in the middle of Riotsville
USA. No trucker will risk his life just to deliver another thousand boxes of Cheese Nips for 48 cents a mile.

All it takes is any one of these crashing down to result in grocery store shelves being stripped bare in mere hours.

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Keep your New Year’s resolution for 2015 – Stop smoking!

Did you do it? Did you say you would stop smoking for 2014? What about for 2015? Have you yet? Are you trying? Do you know how? If you have the will power, there is a way! There is a way to quit smoking in 14 days or less, without the patch, without medication, without hypnosis, and you can learn from the best! First of all, let’s debunk the scams, the shams and the risky products and then talk about the natural way to get off cigarettes for good.

Medications like Chantix and Zyban do work for some people, but for others, they block natural dopamine production in the body and lead to heightened anxiety, depression, feelings of suicide and even suicide itself. (http://www.naturalnews.com

The nicotine patch only releases about 1 milligram of nicotine per hour, which is nothing like smoking commercial cigarettes, which are loaded with up to 100 mg of nicotine in just one cigarette, due to ammonia (free-basing) treatment at the factory. Nicotine gum only delivers about 3 to 4 mg of nicotine, so you’d have to chew a whole pack every hour to even come close to weaning yourself off nicotine. Hypnosis works for some people, but again, its not comprehensive, doesn’t include nutrition, and for some, the self “psych-out” just doesn’t fly. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes have doubled in sales in the past couple of years, but they still keep you addicted to nicotine. You can escape the nicotine “prison” altogether if you are ready to learn the natural method.

Let’s delve into the three-phase plan of 14AndOut, which provides the most balanced and comprehensive cessation program available. Once you learn how the chemical hangover sets you up for another hook of nicotine, you can make sense of the “vicious cycle” and learn the secrets to escaping:

Phase I: Chemical Knowledge

 When you learn what chemicals are in commercial cigarettes that are bringing you down, making you feel nervous, anxious and in need of nicotine “relief,” you will finally understand what’s driving this vicious cycle that has you smoking a pack a day or more. This is the first step in quitting for good. The 14AndOut program provides inside knowledge of this, as the teacher has dissected cigarettes and revealed to the world what’s causing the “cigarette hangover.” You can escape.

Phase II: Behavior Modification

 Many of the behaviors and rituals in which you engage when smoking are actually good for you, but you may not realize it. When you inhale, hold and exhale, you are engaging in a breathing pattern that helps you relax. You could continue this WITHOUT cigarettes, every hour, every time you would have had a smoke. You can also continue your hand-to-mouth habit, but now with organic chocolate, raw nuts, organic fruit and vegetable nibbles like carrots, celery or energy bars.

Phase III: Nutrition Implementation

The latest research conducted by the best nutrition experts in the world found out exactly what nutrients are depleted in your body due to cigarettes and the 4,000 chemicals that you’ve been inhaling for years. Learn what you need to be eating, especially during the first 14 days of quitting, and then for the remaining six months, when many people get stressed out and return to smoking. The natural method can save you from the nightmare and keep you from ever craving another smoke. Organic foods and herbal tinctures can alkalize the body, and mucuna – a natural bean (sold as a supplement) that raises your dopamine levels safely – could be the answer that you’ve been looking for, and your yellow brick road to the castle of good health. Mucuna (a.k.a. dopabean) is known by smokers around the world to kill the cravings – and they say, if you can kill the cravings, you cut the habit. Identifying roadblocks, utilizing proper nutrition and thinking positively all go a long way when applied consistently.

Check out the benefits of the amazing herbal adaptogen Mucuna pruriens! (

Learn How to Stop Smoking Now

 The one-hour instructional video “14AndOut” is recommended by the Health Ranger: Guess what? You don’t have to be cranky and depressed when you quit smoking! You can find balance, stay focused, stay positive and love your new healthy life when you engage the all natural method recommended by Health Ranger Mike Adams. You can make sure that your New Year’s resolution doesn’t fall by the wayside. Don’t get frustrated and don’t fall for scams that keep you addicted to nicotine or simply get you to switch habits.

Remember, having the will to do something doesn’t always mean that you can just do it. You need the right tools and the right “road map.” If you were going to climb a mountain, you would want to have the right gear and a good guide. The same concept applies to quitting smoking. That’s the good news for all smokers who WANT to quit smoking for 2015. If you have the will, then 14AndOut is the way! Have a happy New Year and begin your healthy, exciting life as a non-smoker right now. Good luck! Now watch the trailer/preview to 14AndOut, the All Natural Method to stopping smoking in 14 days or less, presented by Mike Adams, Editor-in-Chief of Natural News:

Keep your New Year’s resolution – Stop smoking!

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