Friday, August 15, 2014

Warning signs cancer is coming and what to do - A Natural News inside look


Do you need a nap mid-day just to keep up with responsibilities? Are you blaming stress or food? Could you have cancer they can't even test for yet?


Do you have a fever of 99 that just won't go away? Could you have lingering infections that are actually cancer developing slowly? What will you do about it - run to an MD for some chemical prescriptions that foster cancer?


Do you have recurring mouth pains and trouble swallowing? Could your cells be getting warped by all that GMO food that contains toxic pesticide, insecticide and herbicide? Your body could be breaking down slowly from food toxins and these symptoms are just signs of this.


Natural News is reporting on unexplained weight loss that just might be explainable!


While in normal circumstances losing weight would be a welcome sight, if an individual finds themselves suddenly losing weight without trying to diet, exercise more or perform other lifestyle changes, it could be due to cancer.

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Now, the BIG QUESTION is WHICH kind of doctor will you see?


Will you go see an MD who knows NOTHING about nutrition?


Will you go see an oncologist to radiate your cells which may be suffering from radiation toxins already (food imported from oceans around Japan). Chemo could be the end of you, my friends, it could be the opposite of what your body needs.


Will you go see a doctor trained in natural foods as healing medicines? Will you see a Naturopathic Physician? You should do what's best for your health and not some political organization that wants to operate on you and try invasive surgery when your problems come from acid blood levels, excitotoxins, pharmaceuticals in drinking water and pesticide-laden gluten-loaded foods.


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Thursday, August 14, 2014

People are underestimating the POWER of organic food - Natural News inside story


One thing's a given, natural health news enthusiasts know the power of organic food. We may not all eat it all the time, but we know the advantages and when we are right on, it's all the difference in the world. You eliminate the chemicals that are in food, drink, and skin care, personal care items, and then you soak up the natural remedies. It's simple. It's clean. It's nutritious. All the health care claims in the world about pharmaceuticals or fast track diets (scams) and fads could never work, we knew it all along. No pill in the world will save you of the ill of GMO, my friends.


Meanwhile, Monsanto is "rooting" their evil plan with propaganda:


Now, it's 2014 and the bad guys (Monsanto) are paying bloggers to brainwash YOU and Me! This is a war on food:


Don't fall for the scam food that makes you sick. Organic food brings oxygen to your cells and your brain. Think "on your feet" all day. Free your mind from the heavy metal toxins found in so many foods in America. The Health Ranger Mike Adams has exposed this in the Forensic Food Lab. Here's the link to look into this for your family's health and safe eating regimen:


Switch to 100% organic as soon as you can! Log onto Natural News here and get your head start on Natural Health News Daily:


Win the food war. Eat organic and only buy organic personal care items.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Chain smoking and the "cigarette hangover" cured by 14AndOut - the Natural Method

The REAL reason most smokers can't quit nicotine is because it's the aspirin for their cigarette hangover - the very chemical intoxication they've self-induced with the previous cigarette. Within 35 to 45 minutes of smoking a cancer stick made with ammonia, bleach and pesticide, the smoker feels either a wave of anxiety, depression, stress or general uneasiness, as the nicotine wears off, and the chemical hangover kicks in. In the mind and life of a smoker, there's only one way to get rid of this feeling, and that's to smoke another smoke. Little do smokers know, nutrition could replace this "hangover" they are experiencing and kill the cravings they're having for nicotine.
Killing the urge to smoke
Put it this way: if you didn't feel bad; if you didn't feel stressed, you wouldn't want to smoke. If you had energy and positive momentum throughout the day, you wouldn't want to ruin it. There are 22 million smokers in the US right now who would quit today, if they knew how. The sad part is they know very little about HOW the chemicals are affecting their body, WHICH behaviors to replace, and exactly WHAT nutrient base would relieve them of their anxiety - detoxifying their body once and for all.
Quitting cold turkey only works for five percent of smokers
Quitting cold turkey is for the super-strong willed, because having the desire to "climb a mountain" isn't usually enough. If you want to climb a mountain, you need the right shoes, some gear and a good guide. But most cessation (quit smoking) programs are very BAD guides, or they're not guides at all. They're gimmicks! Most cessation programs are sold to smokers by the very companies that have them addicted to cancer sticks in the first place. The patch, medications and nicotine gum are all "built to fail" and when the first sign of stress or anxiety arrives, the new "non-smoker" goes right back to the well. 
Chain smoking and the cigarette hangover
It's a vicious cycle. Some smokers light a new cigarette with the cherry of the old one. That's a true "chain smoker." They go through about two packs a day, sometimes three. These folks know they're flushing their health down the toilet, but they have NO IDEA how to quit. Most smokers have given up on nutrition. They figure cigarettes are ruining everything, and they're right, but what about when they try to quit - what's the number one thing that sends people back to the well? - Stress!
But stress comes mainly from consuming GMO, acidic "junk" food, and what follows is a lack of motivation. Unfortunately, there's not a single cessation program anywhere that focuses on nutrition as a major part. Or is there?
"14AndOut" and the war between cigarettes and nutrition
There's a war going on between cancer sticks and nutrition, but one program brings the science, medical and nutritional research down to earth, so people can understand and use it, because 95% of smokers need a road map - a guide. The "plight" of the smoker ends when the nutrient base is replenished and the urge to smoke disappears. Plus, quitting smoking is a generous accomplishment! The CDC says that for every person who dies from a smoking-related disease, about 30 more people suffer with at least one serious illness. That's 16 million Americans suffering from an illness caused by smoking, and they don't even smoke! Can you imagine? Worldwide, tobacco causes more than 5 million deaths per year. That's close to the number of people who died in the holocaust, but yearly!
What if you knew about a program that incorporates nutrition into a one hour lesson you never forget? What if this method was completely organic, with no medications and no gimmicks? If you have the will, this is the way. It's time to start sharing the natural method called "14AndOut" that's recommended by the Health Ranger and Editor in Chief of Natural News, Mike Adams. Remember, smoking yourself to death is a preventable "disease."
Learn how to quit starting RIGHT NOW!
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Get rid of your “cigarette hangover” for good the natural way