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Healthy NICOTINE addicts? Thousands of natural health advocates are slaves to their vape gadgets and some still smoke cigarettes – but there are alternatives

Millions of people who are now ex-smokers and who have chosen a healthier lifestyle are   still addicted  to nicotine, but they have switched to using a new nicotine delivery device – an aerosol vape gadget. Many vape products contain moderate doses of nicotine,   pesticides , and other harmful chemicals, exacerbating the addiction cycle,   just like cigarettes . Since the pandemic began in 2020, there has been a massive outbreak of lung injuries and deaths associated with VAPING, in fact, over 2,800 cases per year and up to 70 deaths have been confirmed annually by the CDC. Nearly 15 million Americans are addicted to vaping right now, including millions of health enthusiasts who attempt to eat mostly organic foods and take supplements. Are they destroying their whole ‘healthier’ lifestyle plan by vaping nicotine-loaded e-juice and nic-juice products? From vape pens and hookah pens to JUULS and e-cigarettes, it’s more of the same bad habit that  constricts blood vessels , limiting oxyg



Poisonous Cigarette Smoke a Top Killer in the USA

  Most smokers have no idea that second hand smoke is JUST AS DEADLY as first hand smoke, and that those around them who 'inhale' are just as likely to get emphysema, cancer, allergies, chest congestion, and suffer longer from sicknesses because of it.  Every fourth adult in the USA uses nicotine, either by cigarette or vape gadget. These are nicotine delivery devices designed to cause people pain, suffering, and early death, and most 'users' have NO IDEA how to quit. That's because nearly all of the "nicotine alternatives" and "quit aids" are scams designed, manufactured, marketed and sold by Big Tobacco and Big Pharma themselves. Oh no!  Then, smokers spend a fortune at the 'harmacy' buying OTC (over the counter) medications and treatments for their symptoms of disease and disorder, including headache meds, coughing relief meds, teeth-whitening agents, mouthwash, allergy meds, cold and flu remedies, and the list goes on. Thousands of do

Quit Smoking for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

 There's never been a better time to QUIT SMOKING than right now. Several factors are at play. First off, Covid is a respiratory virus and if you smoke or vape, your lungs are already living in a compromised state. You can clean them out quickly, and there's a natural way to do it.  Krave Kicker is a revolutionary beverage that contains superfoods and supplements that boost your dopamine levels naturally while balancing your central nervous system. No more jitters, no more coughing, no more clogged lungs, no more chemicals.  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in honor of everyone who has lost a loved one to cancer of any kind, Krave Kicker is offering a 20% discount on all orders, all month.  Just plug in the word " wholesale " as the discount code when purchasing Krave Kicker online . This is a wonderful opportunity to avoid lung cancer and/or breast cancer that can come from consuming chemicals in cigarettes, vape, and processed foods.  Stay frosty my f

Published author invents KRAVE KICKER – World’s first supplement beverage that kicks cravings for nicotine and sugar, naturally

Mark Twain once joked that, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.”   More than 35 million smokers and 15 million vape enthusiasts in America may just have a way to kick those cravings, especially when they can’t get to their nicotine. From the health writer who authored “ Don’t Eat Cancer ” and “ Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days ,” comes a mind-blowing beverage invention that could be a major stepping stone for people trying to cut back on cigarettes, switch to vaping, or find something healthy to quell those compelling cravings. A new, proprietary blend of supplements that comes in one of those liquid “shots” (2.5 fluid ounces) contains a superfood you may not have heard about yet, called  Mucuna Pruriens  (also known as Cowitch or L-Dopa). The “shot” is also loaded with top quality, bioavailable vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin), vitamin C (as L-Ascorbic acid), and about half-a-cup-of-coffee-worth of natural caffeine fro

STOP SMOKING! Krave Kicker - Nicotine Alternative - Aug 2022

Functional beverage award-winning experts at Power Brands just helped the Krave Kicker brand blend a new "Extra Strength" formula of Krave Kicker beverage that's more than twice as powerful and effective as the original formula. The food scientists at Power Brands maintained the wonderful flavors of pomegranate and lemon-lime while increasing the dopamine boost and infusing vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin.   This provides a much more potent boost for smokers and those who vape so those nagging nicotine cravings are extinguished for up to four hours. Now those looking to substitute something quite healthy for their nicotine 'crutch' can grab a 12-pack of "Extra Strength" Krave Kicker and end the addiction in 4 days or less.  Krave Kicker is the world's FIRST AND ONLY natural nicotine alternative that kicks nicotine cravings for up to 4 hours, without any nicotine, caffeine or sugar! Krave Kicker is a 2.5 ounce beverage "shot" that