Friday, May 29, 2015

Switch off cigarettes - Turn ON your Life!

Step into a smokers shoes, if you are not one, and imagine what they are dealing with. They have a choice to make, but it's not very simple. They have to know how to quit smoking, not just entertain their "will power" or desire to nix the nicotine fits. There's one way that's working for thousands of people around the world, but it's best to know the top ten reasons to quit smoking first, so we cover those now for Natural Health News enthusiasts and smokers alike.


Top Ten Reasons to Quit Smoking:


#1. You'll be worth $500,000 more in twenty years if you quit today. When you add up typical medical bills, teeth whiteners, laundry bills, the cost of cigarettes and lighters, cost of cleaning the home, and more, you quickly reach the cost of half a million dollars. Even if you die in debt, you could have gifted that money to your kids, your siblings or charity, but it is wasted on twenty years of smoking commercial cigarettes instead.


#2. If you smoke a pack a day of commercial cigarettes and you quit today, you will add ten years to your life. If you smoke two packs a day, you will add twenty years to your life. Cancer strikes early for those who flirt with disaster, and 7,000 pesticide chemicals mixed with bleach, ammonia, fiberglass, plastic and genetically modified tobacco all totals up to total disaster.


#3. You will most likely never suffer COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Guess what? There's a natural defense. Here's info from that research and the link:


"In two separate studies, scientists have announced breakthroughs that can profoundly help people suffering with COPD. And the treatments are not from Big Pharma but involve a vitamin and an ancient natural treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine has used a paste known as Xiao Chuan, or XCP, for over a thousand years to help with breathing difficulties, including COPD and asthma. The primary ingredients of XCP are plants native to China -- including Ephedra vulgaris, Asarum heterothropoides and Acorus gramineus Soland."


4. Your breath and clothes won't reek anymore, and you WILL be more attractive.


5. You will be able to taste food 100% again and it will be organic by your choice.


6. You can laugh hard without coughing, if you quit today.  


7. You won't have to risk your health with chemical medications or worsening nicotine addictions like the patch or stronger electronic cigarettes, which some people do.


8. You won't be subjecting anyone else to second hand smoke, if you quit today.  


9. You'll be helping the environment by not supporting evil corporations that pollute the environment, the farms, the neighborhoods and more. Plus, you won't be littering with cigarette butts anymore. You know you do it. Don't give corporate thugs another single dollar of your hard earned money. Give it to organic food and natural remedies for your "ailments."


10. The Natural Method is a roadmap to quitting, not some hyped up hoax or self-psych-out book where you have to convince yourself mentally that you don't need cigarettes, but physically there's not a lick of advice or real help. The Natural Method provides quality well-researched information that's more comprehensive and easy to understand than any course available.


The Natural Method that Works - - Guaranteed by Teacher/Inventor

14 & Out is the all natural, easiest and most reliable way to stop smoking within 14 days! When you make a decision to quit smoking, you are making a decision to change everything about the way you feel, look, and interact with the world. You will look better, feel better, live better, contribute more, and you will shine. People will know you did something great, and you will love your new life as a non-smoker. No other stop-smoking program in the world is this thorough and reliable. In 60 minutes smokers learn all about chemicals in commercial cigarettes that are combined to keep them hooked, and how behavior modification and nutrition are their yellow brick road to good health and a permanent escape from the nicotine “hook.” 14AndOut - Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days!  - - is recommended by the Health Ranger and leading nutritionists, including David Wolfe. Now comes with E-Cig Special Report. 14AndOut, the all natural method to stop smoking incorporates chemical knowledge, behavior modification and the best nutritional advice on planet earth. The program is organic and is done in 14 days. Never light up and never crave again. This is it. The end of your habit. Get the one hour instructional streaming video with the nutritional guide and now the special report on e-cigs! If YOU, a FRIEND or a LOVED ONE wants to quit smoking using the natural method ...

It's time! Switch off cigarettes - Turn ON your Life!

Great reviews for the book and e-book on Amazon:

Natural News enthusiasts enjoy natural remedies, natural cures and natural immunity. Seek yours. There's something on this earth that's natural and treats everything known to mankind, you just gotta know where to look!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vaccines DAMAGE and compromise immunity - It's the complete opposite of what the whole allopathic world thinks

There are those people who think about things TOO MUCH, and then there are those people who can't even think at all because they've gotten too many vaccines. It's not a joke. There are also some people who get too many vaccines, and though they can still think a little, they can't think at all for themselves. There is not much gray area on that category of "thinkers." Now, if the "thinkers" try to  discuss certain topics with those who can't think for themselves, the same brainwashed "gunk" will spill from the mouths of the vaccinated, just as the vaccine manufacturers would have it be. This is called cognitive impairment, and it is very well documented. They truly believe they are building immunity by injecting chemicals into their muscle tissue. Sad but true. Keep reading.

There are doctors, MDs we're even talking about, who have blown the whistle on the whole vaccine manufacturing establishment, but this too cannot be discussed with the cognitively impaired. They cannot wrap their brain around their own people telling them that the foundation of their holy medicine is based on killing people slowly for money, and they will spill brainwashed "gunk" from their mouths if you show them a video of their own whistle-blowers because all they can say about vaccines is that they are 100% effective 100% of the time, because that's the "gunk" in the peer reviewed journals that the Doctors publish on line and tell them about at the superbug-infested doctor's office visit.


By injecting genetically modified organisms with bacteria, live viruses in combinations, formaldehyde, aluminum and MSG (monosodium glutamate), the Western world repeatedly shocks their entire central nervous system, pollutes their blood, infects their brains, cripples their immunity and creates cancerous cells that, depending on how much GMO food they eat daily, usually means they'll be fighting cancer down the road, when enough vaccines have turned them into zombies and they're arguing that vaccines are still 100% effective. And they will be right. Vaccines are 100% effective - - at reducing and eliminating critical thinking and at making people more susceptible to infectious diseases, the one thing they were so paranoid about in the first place.


When you "ignite the truth" you start a fire in the minds of those who can still think for themselves, those lucky ones who survived the vaccination schedule with enough critical brain cells to turn to organic food, stop getting flu shots and vaccine "boosters" and become self-sufficient, productive members of an evolving world.




If vaccines were actually 100% effective, nobody would ever need any booster shots. You would never get more than one measles shot. Never. Why would you? It wouldn't make sense, if your body made antibodies to the virus when you were a child and got the secret serum, the magical inoculation for every disease known to man. You'd be all set for life, right? And wouldn't you be healthier because the doctors are injecting things into your blood and muscle tissue that contain "all natural" ingredients, like mercury (thimerosal) and aluminum. These are naturally occurring, just like uranium and lead. Be sure not to ask for preservative free, because then they might leave out some of the MSG, and that's what makes chik-fil-A sandwiches taste so great. You wouldn't wanna miss out on preserving the virus that you're trying to avoid ever getting, now would you?


You see, when you ignite the truth you tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Nobody should ever inject a virus into their body anyway, that's not how a normal human being's body can even recognize immunity and it's functions.


In the real world, if you were to pick up a virus from somebody or some animal or whatever, you have natural defense systems your body would use to first begin the fight in a natural way, like your saliva, your skin, your lungs, your digestive system - those systems have amazing ways to begin the natural immunity steps in order, even using mucus to push out the germs. Certain foods can gather and pull toxins from your body too, as the Health Ranger has tested and documented in the Forensic Food Lab.


Take a look:




Mike Adams has also put the "Flulaval" flu shot under intense scrutiny in the lab!




S.D. Wells, investigative journalist for Natural News, reported this:


Nobody asks the nurse for the box or the insert when they get a flu shot. At least, I've never known anyone who said they did or do. Why not? We flip over food and beverage products all the time, to check for contaminants or stuff that we're allergic to. Millions of Americans are getting injected every year with 100 times the mercury they're worried about in fish, because they read about the salmon or tuna in some newspaper clip or saw a quick spot on the news.


Ignite the Truth!


Ignite the Truth: Video of Dr. Wakefield explaining the WHOLE REASON the vaccine industry doesn't want anyone knowing vaccines screw up the gastrointestinal tract


Ignite the Truth! Click here to watch this brilliant one hour video for free:



Conclusion: Most health problems are NOT genetic. That's what MDs always say so you'll accept their lies, that the human body is weak from birth and needs chemicals injected in it to be strong enough to survive bacteria, virus, infectious disease and the like. Most health problems start (as a baby) and end (death) with the wrong food consumption and bad water too. Lack of the proper nutrients leads to over 900 different deficiency diseases, or didn't you know?


You can detoxify yourself of heavy metal toxins. Here is a wealth of information on that:



Does your child suffer from behavioral problems? It could be lead-induced. Check his/her foods right away after reading this:


Is your child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder? It could be too much bad bacteria in his/her gut. Check his/her food intake immediately. Go 100% organic and watch for changes. Here's a wealth of information on that:



Health Basics is a series of professional articles that are like a college 101 class on what you really want to know. Start here and you will see how easy it is to take charge of your own health and monitor the progress every day:



The power of organic food will never stop amazing you. Imagine if you felt great every day and had the best immunity on the planet, without ever getting another vaccine or swallowing another allopathic chemical pill for pain. How great would that be to be an organic person who outlives all the liars who fuel the chemical medicine racket!


Ignite the truth and share it on Natural Health News now. Good luck.


Monday, May 25, 2015

"If you walk for a cure, march against the cause" - says one sign at the World Famous March Against Monsanto that took place all over world yesterday!


The reason you missed coverage on TV is because there was none. Live coverage of one of the world's largest protests ever would be the cardinal sin for TV, as most of their revenue comes from Big Food and Big Pharma, the corporations that drive the toxic food and toxic medicine trauma felt by a "free country" that's sick, diseased and dying from GMO. With almost NO food safety regulations and no regards paid to environmental detriment and destruction, Monsanto moves forward with their Frankencrop agenda, but so does the Anti-Monsanto organic world. Every person in the organic world knows that inserting weed killer and bug killer inside seeds of our crops is cancerous blight on mankind, but the mass media tells a different story, simply by NOT covering this massive event at all, or maybe not until it's over and they can play it all down just to show they "saw something" happening somewhere, then its back to Justin Bieber, Fritos, hot dogs, apple pie and "All New" car advertisements.


Seeds, Insecticides and Herbicides - Protest regards everything Monsanto

A monopoly of pollution is Monsanto, breeding sterility, shortened lifespan and obesity in humans and killing all nutrition in the soil and water that feeds the crops. A monopoly of seed pollution is Monsanto, concocting new ways to insert the genes of pesticides inside seeds and spray deadly chemicals on those same crops that the World Health Organization says could all be carcinogenic and cause cancer IN HUMANS. The massive global uprising is not just about seeds, but even some countries that ban the seeds and ban the import of GMO food still USE the pesticides and Roundup herbicide on their land and food crops, obviously unaware of the danger or unable to make changes in their government or regulatory agencies, most likely because Monsanto lobbyists and US politicians swing their sphere of influence internationally, especially where other countries need money and sell their people out for cancer food (like in Germany).

"People want to have the choice NOT to eat Monsanto products" says an RT reporter covering the march out of Berlin.

Click here to see the march in Berlin:  

Over 400 Cities Worldwide Protest Monsanto amidst total NEWS BLACKOUT in America on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX!

The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, spoke out on Natural News about why the mainstream media cannot and did not break "radio silence" about the worldwide event:

"As expected, virtually the entire "sellout" mainstream media refused to cover the event, pretending that the citizens of the world aren't rising up against an enormous corporate evil that threatens the future of our planet. The Associated Press ran a story mentioning local protests in Hawaii but refused to print the words "March Against Monsanto" or to even mention that these protests were taking place in over 400 cities across the globe. Nearly the entire western media has been infiltrated and corrupted by Monsanto, including the once-respected magazine National Geographic which now functions as the propaganda arm for the life-destroying biotech industry."

Word from the White House must have come down the pipe, to all producers of television that no reports whatsoever shall emerge about this massive controversy being revealed on the air, especially not live coverage, where you can hear and feel the energy of the people, who marched in over 400 cities around the globe and showed very creative visuals for the world to see how adamant they are about not eating poison. People had masks that look like Frankencorn and huge signs. There were drummers who made a series of orange barrels to drum on that looked like toxic pesticide drums as they marched and played in unison. The parades fill the streets and blocked off major intersections and business fronts, but NO TV coverage! No other parade like it takes place every year now around the world for the same purpose, but this, and NO TV coverage. Dozens of countries participated in sending out the exact same message about the dangers of GMO, yet no TV coverage. Do you think there's something wrong with the seeds now? Why wouldn't you. This is the biggest government and big corporation cover up and conspiracy - - to make food toxic - - and the message that the television is sending out to the world is not to pay attention to their own health. The newspapers are just as bad as television too. NO mass media attention whatsoever could send out this message or dare speak the words "March Against Monsanto" or those who did would be fired and memory holed immediately. No media could dare go against this toxic status quo. The devil is GMO. Cancer food is GMO. Roundup crops are GMO. Is your own garden GMO? Do you know? If you missed this worldwide event, you may have to watch it now, and then go into your garden, your shed and your refrigerator and remove everything toxic. Start over. It's time to investigate the truth that the WORLD is screaming out in over 400 cities around the world in all the major countries and on every inhabited continent! - Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, Africa, Asia, everywhere.

Weed killer Glyphosate (Roundup) one of World's Biggest Concerns about Cancer

Killing your good gut bacteria (flora) is also linked to autism. Hillary Clinton is being heavily endorsed by Monsanto, so you can expect, if she wins presidency (tyranny leader position) she will help spread cancer and autism in America and worldwide with the TPP. This is a most insidious plan they have, and they must be stopped! Do not ever buy anything GMO if you can help it, or anything "RoundUp ready." Beware of wheat because they are working on that now - GM wheat. The Health Ranger calls Hillary the Bride of Frankenstein - and for good reason ... she has roots with Monsanto (pardon the pun):


""Bride of Frankenfood," Hillary Clinton is a pro-Monsanto operative who hired a top Monsanto lobbyist to help run her campaign. She also represented Monsanto as a lawyer with her now-infamous Rose Law Firm in Arkansas. Clinton is so pro-Monsanto and pro-GMO that she even spoke on behalf of the Biotechnology Industry Organization."
W.H.O. warns the WORLD about risks of consuming RoundUp

The World Health Organization has warned the world about the risk of consuming glyphosate, and so has Dr. Oz and other doctors, scientists and researchers around the globe. Even the show "The Doctors" covered the topic and warned the world. It's time everyone who still has a brain and a gut to take heed and stop buying GM and pesticide-laced food, seeds and herbicides. The only way to really stop Monsanto is to boycott everything they manufacture and sell. That is the key. Also, buy plenty of organic seeds and store them, along with organic soil. You can make a difference, even if you missed the parades and protests that took place in all the major countries of the world who know that GMO means off to an early grave you go. Pay attention everyone. Millions of people DO KNOW the TRUTH about GMO.

Coverage of the Worldwide Event on Natural News:

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