Friday, February 19, 2021

Are you tired of 'nicotine alternatives' that STILL contain nicotine?

Try Krave Kicker, the world's first NATURAL NICOTINE ALTERNATIVE. Kick those cravings while at work. Get inspired! 

Krave Kicker provides the ultimate dopamine boost without the harsh chemicals that leave you with bad taste, mouth burn and nausea. 


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KRAVE KICKER is backed by clinical studies  – Dopamine is the feel good chemical our body creates naturally for reward and motivation. In a clinical study at Baylor Medical College in Texas, researchers discovered low dopamine levels are the main reason smokers relapse when trying to quit – because dopamine is released when smoking due to the drug nicotine. Over time, the addiction hijacks your motivation system. Krave Kicker solves that worldwide problem, naturally.

KRAVE KICKER is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research published in the British Medical Journal and National Institutes of Health show mucuna helps people with notoriously low dopamine levels raise them naturally, including Parkinson’s patients and smokers. Mucuna boosts memory, focus, and it catapults your natural feel good hormone production safely, without nicotine.

KRAVE KICKER contains top quality mucuna pruriens – also known as a superfood nootropic, that are known to help with sugar cravings by raising your dopamine level naturally,  because most people who consume too much sugar on a regular basis have low dopamine levels. Problem solved with Krave Kicker! 

High quality Mucuna Pruriens, like what we put in every Krave Kicker, contains 40% L-dopa, a natural precursor to dopamine production in the human body. 

In a peer-reviewed, clinical study published by the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Scientists and doctors found that mucuna helps raise dopamine levels naturally for Parkinson’s patients, who have historically low dopamine levels. Mucuna acts as a catapult for the natural “feel good” hormone production. So it helped the Parkinson’s patients recover memory, focus and mood elevation.

Save 20% w/Free Shipping Now!

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